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Stuzzichini (Appetisers)

Olive e Pane Guttiau GF Vg - 4.95
Unpitted green & black olives served with very thin and crispy Sardinian bread, flavoured with extra virgin olive oil, little garlic, rosemary and salt.


Bruschette con Ricotta Mustia e Miele GF V - 6.95
Toasted bread topped with Sardinian smoked ricotta cheese and pine nuts, sprinkled with acacia honey.


Acciughe Marinate GF - 6.95
Marinated anchovies with lemon juice, spring onion

little red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.
Served on wild rocket and crispy Sardinian bread.

Crostone Rustico GF - 6.95

Rustic bread, Stir-fried smoked pork ear with pears, onions and rosemary, served with homemade ginger & acacia honey mayonnaise.

Antipasti (Starters)


Zuppa del Giorno GF V - 5.95
Freshly homemade soup, served with artisan bread.


Antipasto Sardo GF - 12.95
A platter of mixed Sardinian hand-carved cured meats served with cheeses, olives, aubergines, artichokes and Sardinian bread.


Antipasto Vegetariano GF V Vg - 8.95 
Sweet peppers, grilled aubergines, black olives, artichokes and oyster mushrooms marinated in basil oil.


Prosciutto di Cinghiale al Miele Tartufato GF - 10.95
Sardinian wild boar ham served with truffle honey, walnuts, pecorino cheese and rocket leaves.


Melanzane con Crema di Pecorino e Pane Carasau GF V - 8.95
Grilled aubergines, baked with pecorino cream, fresh tomato sauce, basil oil and crispy Sardinian bread.


Polpi Piccanti GF - 11.95
Fresh and tender octopus ​with garlic, parsley, chilli, white wine, little red wine vinegar and fresh tomato sauce.

Served with Squid Ink, Balsamic Pearls and Rustic Bread.

Da gustare in due / Something to share

Sapori Sardi GF - 22.95
All in one, Sardinian flavours and aromas to share, hand-carved cured meats, pecorino cheese, smoked ricotta with honey and bottarga, artichokes, olives, aubergines, sweet peppers, marinated anchovies and crispy Sardinian bread.


 Pasta & Risotti

Ravioli con Ricotta di Pecora e Pistacchi V - 13.95

Fresh ravioli, filled with sheep ricotta cheese and pistachios, served with tomato and basil sauce, topped with parmesan cheese.


Spaghetti al Cartoccio - 16.95

Mixed seafood and shellfish spaghetti with fresh tomato, basil

and little chilli, served in a sealed foil parcel to maintain

the delicious flavours and aroma.


Penne con Asparagi & Fave GF V - 12.95

Penne pasta served with fresh asparagus, broad beans, potatoes, rosemary, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh chilli and pecorino cheese.


Fregola ai Frutti di Mare e Bottarga - 16.95

Sardinian pasta pearls cooked in a fish broth with mixed seafood and shellfish, fresh tomato, basil, little Vermentino wine, lemon zest and bottarga.


Malloreddus con Sugo di Agnello GF - 13.95

Traditional Sardinian, shell-shaped pasta served with delicious sauce made with fillet of lamb, tomato sauce, little chilli and fennel seeds. Topped with sardinian pecorino cheese shavings.  


Risotto con Funghi Porcini, Zafferano e Tartufo GF V - 16.95

Sardinian Arborio rice, flavoured with porcini mushrooms, saffron, black truffle, parsley, little wine and vegetable broth. Topped with pecorino cheese.

Pane Frattau - 13.95

Pane Frattau is a typical dish and traditional Sardinian based on layers of Sardinian bread “pane carasau”, softened using meat broth, served with lamb sauce and pecorino cheese. Topped with free range poached egg.

(Pane Frattau can also be served Vegetarian & Gluten Free)

Carne (Meat)

Filetto al Filu‘e Ferru e Pecorino Tartufato GF - 29.95
10 oz pan-fried Fillet of Steak served with wild mushrooms, onion, little garlic, black truffle, cream, pork loin ham and a touch of Sardinian grappa. Topped with creamy truffled pecorino cheese.


Costine di Agnello con Fave e Piselli GF - 19.95
Lamb cutlets served with broad beans and peas, a little tomato sauce, rosemary, garlic, onion, lemon zest and a touch of white wine.


Stinco di Maiale al Cannonau GF - 19.95
Baked pork shank with rosemary, garlic, black pepper and little Cannonau red wine. Served with roasted potatoes.


Coniglio in Umido GF - 16.95
Fresh Rabbit on the bone, cooked with a little garlic, carrot and onion, celery, fresh tomato sauce, lemon zest, white wine, rosemary and whole unpitted green olives.


Tagliata di Manzo GF - 27.95
10 oz prime aged Fillet of Beef, grilled, generously sliced laid on a bed of fresh wild rocket, topped with basil dressing and pecorino cheese shavings.


Quaglie ai Carciofi GF - 16.95
Pan-fried quails with artichokes, thyme, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, onion,  extra virgin olive oil and a touch of Vermentino white wine. Served with Sardinian crispy bread and rosemary potatoes.

Pesce (Fish)

Zuppa di Pesce GF - 25.95

A delicious Mediterranean stew, made with a colourful mixture of fish and shellfish, flavoured with tomato, lemon zest, thyme and a little chilli. Served with rustic bread. 


Filetto di Branzino alla Vernaccia GF - 18.95

Pan-fried fillet of sea bass served with baby prawns, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, lemon zest, flaked almonds, little Vernaccia white wine and basil oil.

Salmone Aromatizzato GF - 17.95

Pan fried fillet of fresh salmon, marinated with extra virgin olive oil, basil, garlic, rosemary, thyme, 

lemon zest. Topped with grilled asparagus.


Gamberoni con Pomodori Secchi e Vermentino GF - 18.95

Shell on king prawns flavoured with little garlic, sun dried tomato, fresh chilli, lemon zest, parsley and Vermentino wine sauce.

✶ All the fish served at Akentannos is bought fresh daily and may,

therefore, be subject to availability.


Contorni (Side dishes)

Patatine Fritte V Vg




Patate al Rosmarino GF V Vg

Roast rosemary potatoes



Verdure di Stagione GF V Vg

Fresh mixed vegetables



Insalata Mista/Verde GF V Vg

Mixed/Green salad



Carciofi e Patate GF V Vg - 5.95

Pan-fried artichokes and potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, little chilli, parsley and extra virgin olive oil.

Rucola & Pecorino GF V - 5.95

Rocket leaves, walnuts and pecorino cheese shavings,

dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic reduction.


Portion of Rustic Bread V  - 1.90

✶ Except a few dishes all main courses are served with vegetables of the day



Some of our menu items contain nuts, gluten, seeds and other allergens. 

Therefore there maybe some risk that traces of these could be in any dish served here.
Please discuss with your server if you have any concerns or allergies 

so we can ensure the safety of your meal. We are happy to help you with any dietary requirements or just simply modifying a dish to your liking.