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Akentannos About Us

About Us

Akentannos is the first Restaurant in Sheffield specialising in Sardinian cuisine, situated in a nice and vibrant Sharrow Vale Road.


Our philosophy fits perfectly the criteria of those who love this land of sun and blue sea, natural fragrances and intense flavours, where the soul of Sardinian people gives life to every single dish.


We pride ourselves in using the finest and freshest ingredients, imported in majority from Sardinia and wherever possible locally-sourced ingredients to cook authentic and innovative Sardinian food, which in our view is the best of the old and the new, served to you in our friendly atmosphere. At Akentannos we serve a wide choice of unique culinary products, capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates, we prepare them on the spot,  respecting the right cooking times, in order to enhance the true aromas and flavours of Sardinia, therefore the consequent waiting times are slightly longer than other restaurants that cook ready-made products. We also have a strong reputation for Gluten Free dishes.


We hope to take you away from today’s hectic lifestyle and offer you a table in Sardinia.


There’s an expression in ‘Sardo’: Sa cughina minore no timede su fuste―the meaning is—“Simple cuisine makes the home great.”


Enjoy our kitchen


Mario & Giovanna

Akentannos Reservations

About Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island off Italy’s coast, it's the untamed and defiant island in the Mediterranean which gave its name to the words ‘sardine’ and ‘sardonic’, due to the populous local fish and the formidable local character respectively.


Some even sustain that it is the last strip of the mythical Atlantis.

Besides being beautiful, there is a medical mystery about Sardinians that have

scientists scratching their heads. Sardinia claims its place as one of the top “Blue Zones” for longevity, where people live to be well over 100.


A history of invasions has helped lead to an emphasis on family and community values. Fennel, asparagus, mushrooms, myrtle, and other foods still grow wild, and foraged ingredients find a home in recipes alongside cultivated produce.

It is also where the term Akea comes from.


The "Akea" project studies the markers of health and longevity among Sardinian people. Akea is an acronym for "A Kent'Annos" (A Chent’Annos) a Sardinian traditional greeting which means “may you live hundred years”.


It is not an idle wish, because Sardinians frequently do live to

be 100 years old, and their health is as robust as you will find anywhere in the region.


The epicentre of longevity in Sardinia is located around the mountainous region of Barbagia and in the central eastern part of the island. This is where Sardinians fled to escape the invading Barbarians in Roman times, isolating themselves from outside influences and creating a pocket of especially resilient and proud people who are some of the healthiest and longest-lived in the world.

For many centenarians living today, cheese and wine was their staple diet.

Mehmet Oz, a prominent heart surgeon and professor at Columbia University's College of Physicians & Surgeons, is well known for touting the health benefits of various ethnic diets.


In a recent column in Esquire magazine, Oz highlighted Japanese green tea, Indian curry spices and, yes, Sardinian wine.


In his book, Blue Zones, (term used to identify an area demographic and/or geographic world where people live longer than average) Dan Buettner, in conjunction with National Geographic, determined that Cannonau wine does in fact play a role in the longevity of the Sardinian population.


From this research and the known effects of flavonoids, it can be said that moderate wine consumption may increase life expectancy while also lowering stress levels.


Beuttner said that Cannonau Red Wine is arguably the best wine on the planet for longevity because it has the highest levels of polyphenols, of any wine.


Polyphenols are full of antioxidants which are wonderful for your arteries.

‘Another Sardinian secret to living a long time is eating a lot of Pecorino Sardo Cheese.


This could attribute to their long lives because it comes from grass fed sheep’s milk, whichmakes this cheese high in Omega 3 fatty acids’. ( Dr Oz Esquire Magazine 2007 ).

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